Monday, March 24, 2014

IHSW discovery

So on Friday I discovered IHSW oh and I had so much fun :-) a weekend dedicated to stitching

Saturday and sunday mornings were full of happy stitch time and TV catch up and I got lots done.

I worked solely on Siberian Gold and for my efforts I finished off the rest of the lighter orange colour on the second tiger



I also did a little of the half stitch on the sky but I didnt take a photo of this, I decided to do some easy stitching for a while and fill in some of the background as half stitch is lots quicker.

Now I just need such a weekend for my crochet and I will be flying though all my crafts :-)

Happy stitching x

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March WIPocolypse

oooooh lucky people I'm updating my blog again :) 

So I kinda forgot about the full moon update on WIPocolypse (I know silly right)

So this months topic is about our stitching spots so this is mine 

As you can see its got everything I need. On the arm of my chair I have scissors, pencil for marking my chart and the remote control for the TV or DVD player :) 

I then have my pattern and frame (when im not stitching) sitting on an old music stand its perfect as I can't afford to buy a real stitching stand at the moment. On the foot stool I have all my threads and my other little stitching project  and I have a little table close by for my cuppa while enjoying my stitching time. 

Happy stitching xx

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Building up stash

Hi again

So I have been a little lax on the stitching this week as I have been away and just not had the time to do any crafting. I have however been building up my stash. I am relatively new to the world of cross stitching and so I have only worked on kits and one at a time. But since reading lots of lovely blogs I have seen so many charts that I just love!!!

So in the last month I have been busy buying

First I got a lovely little Winnie the Pooh calender

I just love it and it is so cute, as I dont have any children I dont know who I will stitch it for but I love it anyway so it may just stay in my stash for a few years. 

Next I got a cute little piece that I will stitch and frame for my desk in work 
I love cats and I am a tea fanatic so this is the perfect little piece for myself. 

I have also got myself a few patterns, these will be the first that I kit up myself so I have a lot to learn and wont work on these for a while. I also dont want to start them until Siberian Gold is finished as I dont think I could cope with 3 very large projects on the go at the same time. 

The first was a free pattern of the exploding Tardis. this is perfect as both myself and OH love Doctor Who and my favourite artist is Van Gough so the style is perfect :) 

 The final pattern is a Heaven and Earth Design. Oh how dangerous it was for me to find this site I am in love with so many particularly all of the Randal Spangler designs. The hard part was a/ only buying 1 and b/ deciding which to buy. I finally settled on 'So many books so little time' 
I LOVE this pattern it is so full of fun and as I am an avid reader too it just sings to me. For now I it saved on my computer but one day I will begin stitching and I will be in my happy little bubble =D

Finally I have begun working up my stash of floss, oh how I love ebay, I have had a lovely little time bidding on lots of bulk lots of thread and have got over 400 skeins for less than £30. I have yet to sort them and see what I have multiples of but definitely the nest way to build up a stash quickly and cheaply =D 

I will update again soon 

Happy stitching x

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mini project

Hi again

So I haven't done much stitching on Siberian gold as I have been quite busy over the last week or so but I did finish a mini-cross stitch for my OH

He loves Giraffes and as he has recently started to read more I thought it was the perfect little gift for him. This is only the second small stitch I have done (This first being a squirrel card when I first started to learn to cross stitch) and I just loved how quickly it came together, it only took me 2 days to stitch and I really enjoyed how quickly it grew and progressed :) 

Maybe I will do a couple more small projects this year just so I can get the satisfaction of a finish as Siberian grows. Just so I don't get too bogged down thinking I will never get a finish :)

That's all for today but I hope you like my little Giraffe bookmark :)