Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Building up stash

Hi again

So I have been a little lax on the stitching this week as I have been away and just not had the time to do any crafting. I have however been building up my stash. I am relatively new to the world of cross stitching and so I have only worked on kits and one at a time. But since reading lots of lovely blogs I have seen so many charts that I just love!!!

So in the last month I have been busy buying

First I got a lovely little Winnie the Pooh calender

I just love it and it is so cute, as I dont have any children I dont know who I will stitch it for but I love it anyway so it may just stay in my stash for a few years. 

Next I got a cute little piece that I will stitch and frame for my desk in work 
I love cats and I am a tea fanatic so this is the perfect little piece for myself. 

I have also got myself a few patterns, these will be the first that I kit up myself so I have a lot to learn and wont work on these for a while. I also dont want to start them until Siberian Gold is finished as I dont think I could cope with 3 very large projects on the go at the same time. 

The first was a free pattern of the exploding Tardis. this is perfect as both myself and OH love Doctor Who and my favourite artist is Van Gough so the style is perfect :) 

 The final pattern is a Heaven and Earth Design. Oh how dangerous it was for me to find this site I am in love with so many particularly all of the Randal Spangler designs. The hard part was a/ only buying 1 and b/ deciding which to buy. I finally settled on 'So many books so little time' 
I LOVE this pattern it is so full of fun and as I am an avid reader too it just sings to me. For now I it saved on my computer but one day I will begin stitching and I will be in my happy little bubble =D

Finally I have begun working up my stash of floss, oh how I love ebay, I have had a lovely little time bidding on lots of bulk lots of thread and have got over 400 skeins for less than £30. I have yet to sort them and see what I have multiples of but definitely the nest way to build up a stash quickly and cheaply =D 

I will update again soon 

Happy stitching x