Monday, June 23, 2014

Hectic month with not much stitching!

Sorry it has been so long without an update from me but I have been cat sitting for my parents and they are not very good stitching buddies as they will ignore me until I pick it up and then once in my hand they are desperate for attention. But you have to forgive them as they are very cute 

So now to update on what progress I have actually made

Firstly on my HAED, this project I find very strange as I can either get lots done in one sitting or not much done in a whole week, so a weeks progress can be done in one evening rather than spread over a few days.

Then:                                                              Now:

I only have about 1400 stitches to go to get to the end of the page so fingers crossed I can finish before the end of the month!

next i have also been working on my unicorn as it is a lot easier with the cats to work on something in hand rather than set up my stand for the HAED. I had put this away again as I hated stitching with the DMC metallic thread it was horrible to use and kept splitting, it was only when I watched a Youtube video did I realise that metallics were not all equal in quality and that other stitchers found DMC to be particularly bad. Because of that I decided to but the kreinik equivalent threaads and I find it a lot better to stitch with... its not easy but compared to DMC it is almost perfect

Then:                                                                Now:

thats all from me for now, will try to get a couple more updates before I go on holiday in a little over 3 weeks 

TTFN and happy stitching x