Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Finally got to start!

Hi Guys

So this weekend I finally got to start "So many books so little time" By Randal Spangler.

As promised here is where I have left Siberian gold as I packed it away on Saturday, It may go into a rotation at some point but for now it is being put away so I can focus on So many books!

I know I have gone on about this project since I got the chart but finally I have begun stitching :) on sunday I finished charting 2/3 of the fabric after finally completing my baby blanket. And set myself up to work on Monday as it was the bank holiday weekend here in the UK

So after about 3/4 hrs of stitching on monday I managed 500 stitches, I think the is quite successful considering it is the first time I have worked on such a small count.

I decided to use 1 over 1 on the 25ct as I think it gives nice coverage and the 2 over 1 test I did seemed very bulky and difficult to stitch, as this will be a labour of love I wanted it to be enjoyable rather than a tough stitch!

Yesterday after I came home from work I managed a couple more hours work and managed a little under 500 stitches, after working in 10x10 blocks on the sunday I decided to try working in 20x20 blocks and it works up really nicely and is easier to stick to than the 10x10 blocks. 

I also stitched the first row up to the edge of the first page as the 2 colours were only needed on the row, and this was easier and neater than parking 

At the end of Day 2 this is what I have

The sad thing is I got very excited that I can now see the edges of the first brick, but if the small things keep me happy Im sure that the project will be enjoyable :)

I also added to my stash, I got to kits from Hobbycraft that I love and couldnt resist when they had their half price sale :)

On that note I will love you and leave you :)

Happy stitching