Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Hi guys so I have joined the WIPocalypse 2014 and so thought I would combine the Jan and Feb topics now and then follow the full moon updates from here on in :-)

As for an introduction I think I covered it all in my previous post so there is not much to add.

So now onto my projects in a little more detail. As I said in my last post my current WIP is called Siberian gold it is a kit from Anchor that I started around  a year ago, but have not been stitching solidly. I only decided to photograph the piece when I picked it up again in the new year... This is what I had then

Since then I have progressed quite a bit and I have noticed that I have a very different stitching style to others in that I like to stitch all of one colour and look at the larger picture, this means that there is a lot more counting and also the risk of more mistakes early on but I love the way it slowly builds up over time and seeing what Im stitching from early on..Here is my progress to date. 

My aim for the year is to progress this project as much as I can, I dont think that It will be finished but we will see how much I get done :-) 

On to February's topic....
Number of projects .... Until recently I have been a one project at a time person, but that is because I have always jumped into the large projects and didnt really spend much time on small projects... this is typical for me, I jump in head first and then try often find myself too deep, but enjoy the challenge...however with a little extra funds I have been able to buy a few more kits and so this weekend I started and completed a bookmark for my other half, it was nice to do something quick for once and so I can see myself in the future being happy to have 1 big project and a couple of smaller projects on the go :-)

I will add a pic of the bookmark in my next post :-) 

Happy stitching x