Thursday, April 17, 2014

April WIPocolypse

Hi Guys

So its time for a WIPocolypse update, so as I said in my first post I was a one project at a time kinda girl, well this is a lie now, all you wonderful bloggers have given me an itch for new starts and so I have actually started a new project this month rather than work on Siberian Gold. But I have promised myself that I will only have 2 cross stitch projects on the go at a time and a couple of crochet projects. That way I wont have to ignore one hobby to do the other.

So here is what I have been working on :-)
Its my Kittens in mugs cross stitch that I got from Ebay about a month ago and it is soooooo cute...I love the expression on the little ginger cat. Once finished this will make its way to my desk in work and it will make me smile to myself. This is such a simple stitch and I am treating each kitten as a finish which is unusual for me as I generally prefer to complete each colour in the whole piece. 

This months topic is how do you keep your stash organised?
Unfortunately no picks as I forgot to take them this morning so I may try to add the pics tomorrow

I have recently decided to try out Bobbins and storage boxes as even though I am working with kits at the moment I want to get into good habbits for when I eventually try to undertake a HAED. I also moved to Bobbins as my ability to spread my crafts around the house is quite impressive (and drives my OH insane). I really like them as it is nice and  compact and I dont worry about the threads getting tangled on thread organisers (I know some prefer these but I'm not the neatest of people so sometimes I have ended up with a knotted mess)

My projects and future projects I store either on the old music stand I talked about in my last post or inside the foot stool. My crochet/knitting projects are all stored in reusable fabric bags/in boxes and all of these are dotted around the house depending on where I last stitched...I really need a craft room!!

Happy stitching and I hope you all enjoy a lovely Easter weekend :-)