Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter and April IHSW

Hello again, 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, it was lovely for me to get the time off with my OH as we actually got to spend 4 days together. Our usual weekends together are only the Sunday as the OH teaches martial arts on Saturday mornings so he is up at 7am. We were able to enjoy a day of shopping, visiting family and some downtime =) YAY for a long weekend!

So IHSW this month amazingly landed on Easter weekend which for us in the UK is a 4 day weekend =) this meant that despite all the jobs and plans we had this weekend I still had lots of time to stitch.

So the first thing I did was finish off the second kitten from Kittens in Mugs...he needed a face and some backstitching =)

Then on Friday while tidying and organising my craft stuff I found an old cross stitch that I began in 2010. This was only my 3rd ever project and I fell out of love with it, but when I took t out I realised how close I was to finishing it so it has now moved from an UFO for a WIP =) The design is Unicorn by DMC

This was how it looked on Friday:
And after a weekend of this being my main IHSW project this is where I left it last night:
I also worked on a crochet blanket for a friend from work who is having a baby, this is where I have got to on that:

So all in all I have had a very productive IHSW, its just a shame that every weekend cant be the same 

Happy stitching x