Wednesday, May 21, 2014

More crochet than stitching!

Hi Guys,

so last week incorporated both WIPocolypse day and IHSW but to be honest I was more focused on my crochet than my cross stitch as I wanted to finish the baby blanket.

Well good news :) the main stitching is finished!

So all that is left is to sew in the ends, which I did half of last night so just half to go, and then I need to wash it!

This has definitely been my favourite thing that I have crocheted since I began a little under a year ago and I love the look and colour of it :) Now I just need to wait a month before I can give it to my work colleague and I hope she loves it as much as I do!

So stitching wise I have done very little and hardly picked it up since last monday, I will be focusing on it more tonight and I am hoping to put Siberian gold away for a while and start on "So many books" at the weekend as I will then have finished 2 projects as promised to my OH. 

I will post an update on how Siberian gold looks before I put it away and I am sure that I will work on it a little at times to give me relief from the HAED confetti!

Happy crafting :)