Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I have a finish :-)

Hello my lovely bloggers :)

So yesterday I had another finish :) The excitement of having 2 finishes so far this year is great, I have loved all the stitching and crochet this year and it is showing with how much I am getting done.

My finish was the kittens in mugs piece:

This is what is was like when I last spoke about it on 22/04/2014
An this was the finished piece yesterday after being ironed:
And I love it so much every time I look at it it makes me smile... I love all the little details and though it may seem silly my favorite part to stitch was the little bumble bee as it finishes off the piece perfectly :-)

Another reason I am excited is that I am now 1 step closer to being able to start my first HAED. I promised my OH that I would finish at least 2 of my current projects before I started it and this is the first. I also plan to finish the baby blanket which seems to be taking quite a while atm... I just need it done by mid june. 

Another reason for me to be excited is that today the final threads for my HAED arrived :) so I need to spend a little time sorting through them tonight.

My seat stand also arrived this morning and I cant wait to test it out :-) after a long time searching the web I decided to go for the Elbesee 10" Seat frame. 

Finally I decided to also buy a magnifier to help when I start my HAED... I have always thought that I have very good eye sight and I have never felt the need to have a magnifier before however after spending several nights gridding the 25ct fabric for my HAED I have realised that a magnifier will definitely help and hopefully stop me getting eye strain. 

Happy stitching